A Social Food Experiment

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So, having to go to social events can be pretty hard when you are trying to eat low carb. It seems like everything “potluck” is loaded with carbs. It also seems like so many people are food pushers if they find out you are eating certain things like bread, chips, cookies, etc.

What I have been finding that works best for me, is to take what I can eat. Last night, for example, we had small groups at church. Our theme for food was a sandwich bar. Doesn’t sound very low carb friendly, right? Well, I volunteered to bring lettuce and tomatoes, cheese, and dessert. I wanted to bring lettuce and tomatoes so that I knew I would have giant lettuce leaves to wrap my sandwich fixings in without the bread. I wanted to bring the cheese to that I knew I was eating real cheese and not a processed non-cheese food product. And I volunteered for dessert, so I could make a low carb cheesecake.

I was kind of experimenting with the dessert thing. I wanted to make something low carb, but not tell anybody that it was low carb. People tend to steer clear of things they think they might not like because they are “healthy.” Well, my cheesecake was gone. Some of the women tried it, but the men ate it up. They weren’t scared of the cheesecake, Lol. My husband was the only one that knew it was low carb and I asked him to not tell anyone. My cheesecake was a hit and I only brought home one small piece that he can eat today.

So, if you are feeling intimidated by your next social gathering, take what you can eat. Don’t tell anyone that you cant eat this or that. Just eat what is on your plan and enjoy the company. I didn’t have bread or chips or sugar filled desserts and I felt completely satisfied. It gets easier. Just keep on keeping on and never give up.


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