Dark Chocolate and Low Carb Diet Part 1

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A blog post 2 days in a row!! I got behind with the holiday on Monday, so I’m trying to catch up. I feel like I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Anyway, today I want to talk about the role that dark chocolate can play in a low carb diet.

There are so many health benefits to dark chocolate. If you were to ask people about their favorite type of candy, you can bet a good portion of people would name something chocolate. Chocolate, in all its varieties, is favored by young and old, all over the world. While it is often considered to not be the healthiest option, this is usually due to the added sugar and preservatives.

There is one healthy type of chocolate, and that is dark chocolate. Here are some things to know about dark chocolate so that you can increase your health while also enjoy your delicious treat.

Cacao or Cocoa?

The first thing that should probably get addressed, is that the kind of dark chocolate that is going to be discussed here is the kind with at least 70-85% cacao. This substance is different from the common store-bought version called cocoa, in that cacao is the raw form of the ground bean and leaves two products, cacao powder and cacao butter. Cocoa that you see in stores is usually made with cocoa that has been heated at an extreme temperature. This process can destroy most of the natural nutrients and enzymes that the raw cacao would normally contain. In order for the chocolate to have benefit, the live and active components should be able to stay intact. Real dark chocolate also has a lot less sugar than milk chocolate, so if you’re looking for the healthy dark chocolate, look for the dark chocolate with cacao.

Nutrition that Pack a Punch

Since childhood, the need for nutrition is repeated in a variety of ways on a nearly constant basis. Heavy emphasis is placed on telling children that they need to avoid indulging in candy, but this information is here to change the viewpoint on that. Of course, over indulgence is generally not a good idea, and having a few pieces a week is okay. What is so amazing about this kind of dark chocolate is that it turns out that it contains more nutrition than most people would ever suspect.

A 100g piece of dark chocolate with over 75% cacao contains at least 10 grams of fiber, and almost 70% of the recommended daily amount of iron, which is higher than the amount of iron found in a similar portion of beef. It has nearly 60% of the daily amounts for magnesium, and almost the entire daily amount for copper and manganese. It also contains other minerals that are very good for forming new healthy DNA in your cells. Even the fat content of chocolate is excellent, so when you’re feeling like a piece of chocolate, be sure to reach for the good stuff.

This is what is currently in my pantry.

Consuming Dark Chocolate Can Aid RDW

RDW or red blood cell distribution width is a measurement of range and variation as a component of blood count. Doctors believe that the high iron content and flavonoids contained in the chocolate have much to do with the increased distribution. This information was collected over four continuous decades of study, and it was discovered that these increases could affect the arterial health enough to prevent a wide range of heart diseases. The doctors have come to use RDW as a metric for being able to predict heart disease, and the study found that the consumption of chocolate had all but erased the majority of the signs associated with imminent manifestations of disease.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Lots of people are always looking for ways to prevent themselves from becoming sick with the common cold or flu. Between all the nutritional elements and anti-inflammatory agents, dark chocolate has earned a serious place among modern medicine’s most coveted substances. During the lengthy study on the effects of dark chocolate, scientists discovered that the mix of nutrients that are contained in dark chocolate have the ability to help give the immune system a massive boost which can stave off sickness.

It is High in Antioxidants

With as much as dark chocolate has going on, it still has so much more to explore. This brown candy is also high in antioxidants. These types of nutrients and natural chemicals are the first line defense in aging and cancer, because age and cellular anomalies that become cancerous can often be neutralized in their early stages by the presence of antioxidants in the body. These anomalies are caused by free radicals that are created through various ways like pollutants created by changing the molecular structure of something, or the presence of high concentrations of radiation.

A large portion of what people perceive as aging is the physical and human equivalent of rust, which is chemically a type of oxidation. Ingesting chocolate can actually bring a bit of a glow and youthful appearance back to your skin because antioxidants allow your skin to repair that damage. It’s very interesting to realize that eating dark chocolate can help protect you from the damage caused by the sun.

Those are all I’m giving you for today. There will be a part 2 and maybe even a part 3, Lol. I’m trying to give it to you in small chunks. If you want to try what I’m having, head on over to Trader Joe’s or you can get them on Amazon.

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon,

Tammy 🙂


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