July Keto Krate

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I have been pretty busy this week. As you know, I’m new to all this blogging stuff and I’m learning as I go. I have subscribed to the Keto Krate to give me new snack ideas to try. I received my Krate on Friday and I have already tried 3 of the things out of there.

Yesterday evening as I was driving my husband to the airport, I had dinner in the car. My dinner was from my Keto Krate. It consisted of the Amarok Steak Strip and the Lamar Pecan Farm Front Porch Pecans in Habanero BBQ flavor.

As you can see, I ate my steak strip before I could even take a picture of it. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about it until it was gone. It was Spirit Fire (Jalapeno) flavored. It was spicy without being too spicy. It has all natural ingredients with only 80 calories and 1 carb. It also has 0 added sugars, which seems to be hard to find. You can get them at AreYouSuperPowered.com.

The Habanero BBQ pecans were delicious as well. There are 4 servings in this bag and I think I managed to only eat 1 serving. It’s so hard to tell with nuts. These were not spicy at all, which I was surprised with habanero in the description. The flavor is mild and not overpowering at all. They have 4 carbs with 3 grams of fiber and 1 gram of sugar. Net carbs for a serving of these babies are 1. Try them at FrontPorchPecans.com

I was also busy this morning as I was getting ready for church. My breakfast was also in the car in the form of Fat Snax Peanut Butter Cookies.

I would have had to take a picture of an empty Fat Snax package if I didn’t already have some of these in my pantry. They literally taste just like a peanut butter cookie you would make at home. The benefit is that they are Keto, Paleo, and Sugar Free. That’s a win in my book all the way around. A serving is 1 cookie, but there are 2 cookies in the package. So to me, that means 2 cookies is a serving, right? The net carbs for both cookies is 2. You can get these at FatSnax.net.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Good thing I had a stash of Fat Snax in my pantry or that would have been pictures of 2 empty packages and a total fail on my part.

Talk to you soon,

Tammy 🙂


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