Keep Stress Down During the Holidays

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How in the world is it less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving? This year is flying by!One feeling that you immediately associate with the holidays is stress. All of the get togethers, decorating, shopping, driving around and gift purchasing can add stress to your life. The holidays are not supposed to be like that and one way to help with your stress and anxiety is to get regular physical exercise during this time.

Like you have time between all of your other activities, right? Make the time because you will feel better. If you absolutely can’t find the time, there are other options.

Either way when you’re trying to reduce your stress during these challenging times, it is important to remember what is actually causing it. This is what helps you determine what is the best method for relieving that stress.

Here are a few things to start with.


Many people choose exercise as their primary way to reduce stress during the holiday season. With regular exercise, you are going to divert attention from what you are stressed about and instead clear your mind and focus on the activity. Remember that you don’t need to exercise for a long time; just try to take a brisk walk during your lunch break at work or take a walk after dinner alone to let yourself relax and unwind.

Let Yourself Relax

Taking enough time for yourself during the holiday season is also very important when you want to reduce your stress. A lot of the stress during the holidays comes from how much you have to do and how many different directions you are pulled in.

Try to find at least a few minutes every day where you can relax, preferably with a quiet activity you can do on your own. This might be reading a book while your kids do their homework, getting a up a little early in the morning for a quick meditation session, or take a bath at night while the rest of the house is quiet.

Make a goal and set aside a few minutes of “me” time. You’ll feel better and be less irritable if you can relax and do something you enjoy every day.

Plan Ahead

If the holidays tend to be hectic, if might be from lack of preparation. Leaving everything to the last minute is going to cause a lot of chaos that in turn leads to high amounts of stress. To help this, try to plan as far ahead as you can. Make your holiday shopping list early and start shopping a little bit every weekend. Plan to get help with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner preparations.

You might think that it is impossible to go through the holiday season without feeling stress, but if you follow the guidelines above, this year it will be less stressful. Find some time for yourself and make sure to relax. This time of year is supposed to bring joy, not dread.

I’m personally going to work on planning ahead. I let myself get stressed from putting everything off until the last minute thinking that I have plenty of time to do everything. That’s my goal this holiday season.

What do you do to not stress during the holidays?

Talk to you soon,

Tammy 🙂

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