Low Carb Diet and Alcohol Tolerance

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While eating a low carb diet, your tolerance to alcohol goes down. I have found this out first hand and, trust me, it is no fun. I love red wine. While I realize it’s not the most low carb alcoholic drink you can have, it is my preference and I will work into my macros when I can. While eating low carb, specifically ketogenic, I have had a  really hard time with any alcohol.

The thing is, when you are on a ketogenic diet, you tend to eat less since it is a natural appetite suppressant. Also, you aren’t consuming all of the carb filled snacks that help soak up all the alcohol you are consuming. The liver will process the alcohol you are drinking first as it’s energy source, which may stall your weight loss. This is not even what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the alcohol hitting you like a ton of bricks…and FAST!

I have experienced this twice lately, I’m embarrassed to say. I don’t even know it’s happening. I’m sitting in a restaurant with my friends, eating dinner and drinking wine. I go from no buzz whatsoever and completely coherent, to drunk. I’m not kidding. My friend Connie, who is my fellow red wine drinking partner in crime, has been witness to this both times. It’s not pretty. I have come to find my tolerance to alcohol is so much lower following a low carb diet.

The hangover that you will experience is like no other. I was sick for an entire day. A whole day! My poor husband was way sweeter to me than I would have been to him. I swear I’m off the alcohol for a little while. After this last go around, I have decided to be a one glass of wine kind of girl. I generally do better when I drink vodka. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I’m more wary because I drink it less than I do wine. I know my wine tolerance. Or at least I used to.

Just wanted to write this little bit as a word of advice so that you are not shocked if you happen to have some alcohol while on a low carb diet. Can your tolerance go up? I have no idea, but I do NOT intend to find out.

Talk to you soon,

Tammy 🙂

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