Low Carb Eating at Mexican Restaurant

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Hey y’all. It’s so hot here today. I think the heat index is 107 or something horrible like that. It literally makes me want to stay home and not even step foot outside. That can’t happen on most days, so I just make the best of it. I had yoga this morning (my favorite form of exercise, but we will touch on that in a later post) and then needed to run some other errands.

I promised my nephew, Knox, that I would take him out to eat lunch today. I had no idea where he wanted to go. His twin brother, Bridger, wanted to go as well so I let them decide. They decided on Mexican food. Thank goodness it wasn’t food that I don’t really like. They have a favorite local place, so that is where we headed.

Mexican food used to be the place where I lost all sense of healthy eating. I would drink a margarita, stuff myself with chips and salsa, and think I was depriving myself if I wasn’t eating enchiladas. Most Mexican food places have healthier, low carb options. For example, this was my lunch today.

It is bacon wrapped shrimp with grilled zuchinni and squash. It was supposed to come with rice, but I asked them to leave the rice off and bring me a side of sliced avocado instead. The container in the middle is melted butter with garlic in it. Yum. When I eat this way, I feel like I have control. And, I’m completely satisfied. I don’t feel like I’ve deprived myself.

It is possible to eat Mexican food and stay low carb. I love Mexican food. It’s my favorite. If I can do it, you can too.

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