My First Keto Krate

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It’s hot in Texas! Like really hot! My yard is in serious need of mowing and my husband blew up our lawn mower last week! Yikes! I didn’t want to do yard work anyway. It’s too hot!

I got my first Keto Krate yesterday!

I’m so excited to try the things in it, especially the Keto Kookie and the Good Dee’s Blondies Low Carb Baking Mix. Yum! Everything in this box will be new to me expcept for the LaCroix water. I love that stuff, but I’ve never had this flavor.

I will post my reviews as I’ve tried them. I’m so excited to try to them all. In the meantime, I’m going to try to stay cool and find a way to get my yard mowed 😉

Talk to you soon,



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