Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight During the Holidays

I’ve had a really rough week and weekend. I wanted to ditch all my healthy eating efforts. I didn’t, which I’m really proud of myself. I met with a nutritionist last week and she wants me to go gluten free and dairy free. I had been gluten free for the most part, but for sure not dairy free. That’s been a real effort. She’s a lot of the reason I didn’t ditch my efforts. I meet with her again later this week.

The holidays can be tough and trying for many different reasons. If you are trying to lose weight during the holidays, it might take a little extra planning than if it were any other time of the year. To start with, try to avoid some of these common mistakes so you can be successful in losing weight.

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Tips For Handling Holiday Parties

It’s hard to stay in control sometimes whenever you are at a holiday party. I’ve already had one and have a few more upcoming. When you are attempting to lose some weight and be healthier during the holidays, those parties can be your downfall. You want to enjoy time with friends and family, but the temptation of treats and delicious cocktails can make it much more difficult. Here are some tips for handling parties and still losing weight.

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Meditation for Holiday Stress

The holidays are among us. I have already attended my first holiday party. I’ve started my Christmas shopping, have my house decorated and have a few presents wrapped and underneath the tree. This can be a season where so many of us get completely overwhelmed and it drains the joy out of the season.

Y’all know that I love yoga. It’s my preferred method of exercise. Not only is it good for the body, it’s also good for the mind. One thing that it has taught me is to slow down and try to live in the present moment. It really helps to stop and think about the things going on around you right now and not worry about what’s going to be happening later. Meditation can be whatever you need it to be..a quick prayer, simple breathing, or just taking a minute or two for yourself. So today, I want to talk about how mediation can help with your holiday stress.

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Benefits of Kombucha

I have been drinking some kombucha this week. I like to add it in when I’m feeling like I need to aid in my digestion. With Thanksgiving being last week, I felt like I needed some help, Lol. Of all the fermented foods that you can add to your routine, kombucha is likely the easiest. It is easy to make (that’s what I here, but I’ve been scared), easy to buy, and has benefits you can gain from daily. In fact, you can drink just one kombucha a day and still get the needed benefits to see the difference in your own diet and weight loss plan. Though you may know the drink is easy to find, what you may not know is just how you can benefit from kombucha as a whole. Here are those benefits.

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Balance Nutrition and Good Health

Thanksgiving is over. We had a great thanksgiving at our house. I talked last week about being mindful during Thanksgiving. I was mindful. I didn’t stuff my face and get overly full, but I did eat. I had a little bit of everything and it was delicious. I made a Paleo cherry pie to eat instead of the normal sugar filled desserts. It’s not low carb, but it also doesn’t have all the sugar a normal cherry pie would. Days later, it’s still uncut, Lol. While very pretty, almond flour crusts just aren’t the same. Here is a picture of my Paleo cherry pie.

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