September Keto Krate

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I got my September Keto Krate the other day. I’m always excited when it comes because it means I have new, different snacks I get to try. Some of them I like, some of them I don’t. It’s a great way to get to try new things though. Some of them I wouldn’t even know existed. This month’s box has seven different items in it.

The featured product this month is Know Better Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie. All Know Foods products are keto friendly, near-zero glycemic index, and made with superfoods such as almonds, coconuts, egg whites, flaxseed and chia. This is one GIANT cookie with 18 grams of protein, 12 grams of fiber and 4 net carbs. Let me tell you. It’s good. Soft, chewy and a hint of coconut flavor. It makes we want to see what other flavors they offer. You can get yours at Know Foods or on Amazon here. If you were a Keto Krate subscriber, you would get 30% off your order. I’ve already placed an order for more using my discount code. If you order from the above link, you will get 10% off your order. Look how big this cookie is!  I would call it a meal.

Next up is KZ Clean Eating Nougatcreme Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. This is 11 grams of fat and 2 net carbs per serving. KZ Clean represents a lifestyle of health and fitness that has been quickly adopted. They embrace a combination of hip and trendy Scandinavian food products and package design. They consistently deliver foods with huge health benefits. I haven’t tried this yet and honestly, I’m not a fan of hazelnut. If you want to try it, go to and check it out. It’s 12.99 for a  jar. If you were a Keto Krate subscriber, you would receive 20% off.

Next is the Adapt Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bar. This bar has been carefully formulated with a blend of three protein sources to ensure that blood and insulin level are affected as little as possible. Non GMO with no partially hydrogenated or trans fats, soybean or canola oil, and no added sugars. The texture is a bit like caramel, but I wish the flavor was that good. It has a funny after taste that I’m not sure what it is. It has 12 grams of fat and 1 net carb. You can get yours at for $2.49. Again, if you were a subscriber, you could receive 10% off your order.

I also received Ayoba_Yo Original Bitlong. This is beef jerky with more fat. It’s a grass-fed, high protein, sugar-free beef snack whose texture falls somewhere between jerky and prosciutto. I love beef jerky that you don’t have to rip your teeth out to eat, so this is perfect. Their cuts of beef are marinated and air dried for over fourteen days. I also love the fact that there are no artificial preservatives, flavors, no nitrates, and no MSG. 0 carbs per serving too. You can get yours at Ayoba-Yo or on Amazon here. If you were a Keto Krate subscriber, you would receive 15% off your order.

I’m super excited about Skout Backcountry Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Pumpkin seeds. These are organic, non GMO, soy free and Paleo friendly. Their Oregon grown pumpkin seeds come straight from a local family farm located in the rich fertile soils of the Willamette Valley. In addition to pumpkin seeds truly being an antioxicant, Pink Himalayan sea salt is rich in varying mineral and iron content. These have 16 grams of fat and 1 net carb per serving. I’ll be eating these straight out of the bag, adding them to salads, whatever I can think of. I love the salty flavor of these. You can get them at or on Amazon here. Again, you would receive a 25% discount for being a Keto Krate subscriber.

I also received Gilded Nut Original Blend Pistachios. These are so good. I’m eating them while I write this, Lol. Their roasted pistachios are made in small batches and tumbled in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and whole herbs and spices only. No preservatives, added sugar, or weird ingredients at all. With 13 grams of fat and 4 net carbs, they are great on the go snack. As a subscriber, you would receive a coupon for 20% off your order. You can get them at or on Amazon here. This was my first time to try these and I’m going to be ordering more ASAP.

Last, but not least is the Roam Stick. It’s Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon. It’s 7 grams of fat and 1 net carb. This does have maple sugar and organic dextrose in it. Keto Krate talked to the makers of Roam Stick about this and they said that the lactic acid starter culture metabolizes the small amount of sugar which helps naturally preserve the meat. They created these because they wanted something they could feel good about giving to their kids. I haven’t tried this yet, but will let you know when I do. I always love portable protein snacks. You can get them at or on Amazon here.

If you would like to subscribe to a Keto Krate go to and get yours. I’m not sure there are any left for September, but you could get on the list for October. My favorites this month are by far the Know Foods chocolate chip cookie and the Gilded Nut Pistachios.

Do you receive a Keto Krate? What is your favorite this month?

Talk to you soon,

Tammy 🙂

(disclaimer: I receive a free Keto Krate in exchange for a review of the products. All opinions are my own.)







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