Weight Loss Challenge

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I have to admit that I’ve been having a really hard time getting back into the swing of things since we got home from vacation. It hasn’t even been the food part, eating healthy, etcetera,  but mostly the drinking part. For whatever reason, we have gone to friend’s houses, had people over, and  gone to eat out more than normal. All of these things have caused me to drink. Whether it be wine, vodka, mixed drinks, I have been drinking way more than I normally do. I know I have told y’all previously that drinking (mostly wine) is my biggest obstacle in following the ketogenic diet.

Enter the weight loss challenge. We were at a friend’s house yesterday and all the men decided they were going to enter into a competition with each other on who lost the most weight by September 3rd. My sister jumps out of the pool and decides to join in. Well, dang! If everyone else is committed to losing weight, I need to be in on this too.

We all weighed and a picture was taken of our original weigh in date. We all agreed that we would put $50.00 into the challenge and whoever lost the most weight would win all the money. Granted, it’s not very fair that a 240 pound man is competing against girls in the 160’s. But, hey, if it motivates me to not drink so much and I can lose some weight, I call that a win no matter who wins.

So while I’m not going to be obsessive with the scale during this challenge, I am going to pay closer attention to how much water I drink. I also think I may try to eliminate dairy, if only for a week, to see if that helps anything. I am figuring all this out as I blog. I’m sure I will be trying to some new recipes during this time too that I will review.

Talk to you soon,

Tammy 🙂


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